Wednesday, August 15

Fine. It's me.

Hey Readers!

Man, I have long wanted to greet people that way. It's the second time I've ever done it, the first of course being when I delivered the keynote speech to the Midwest Mentalist and Palmists Association (MMaPA) in a very well appointed DoubleTree Hotel just off Highway 84 near Twin Falls, Idaho. And in order to set the tone of this blog early I will not be making a "palmist" follow up joke. This is not for lack of available options, rather I'm trying to class up He Score, He Shoot! You're all safe with me.

Now, I am an Oiler fan and have been since I was a teensy boy growing up in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. My parents were very close with Eva Pocklington, wife of Peter Pocklington, the megalomaniacal-Mr. Burn'sesque-meat-tycoon and former Oiler owner/tyrant. This meant that my first ever Oilers game was one where I sat in the owner's box and ate free popcorn as the Oilers, and yes it was the 80's super Oiler's, won the game and I got to go down into the dressing room to meet the team, have a bunch of jersey's and sticks signed (more on these in posts to come) and shake the hand of Mr. Wayne Gretzky himself. So. What choice did I have? Couple that with the Oilers actually winning all the time. It's like getting born into being a Yankee's fan. You've got it easy from day one! And you don't have to explain that you're actually from Minnesota but have some thin thread of a connection to the Yankee's so you get to cheer for them. Horse Hockey, I say! I had Oiler fan parents and I inherited one of the most dominant teams in any sport in history. Not counting the 1554 Teotihuacan Iron Hawks (pictured right) who won eighteen Goat Head Polo championships in a row. But that hardly counts, they had the great winged serpent Quatziquatl on their side. Now that's a classy joke!

This proximity to the Oiler ownership also meant I had some inside info on a variety of the going's on about which I'll be blogging as we go. I know some things that Peter said about Gretz around the time of the trade. Things that will shock and amaze you! I've got some wonderful inside stories about the greatest hockey player of all time, Petr Klima! I recall with great specificity the collection of Nintendo games Zack Pocklington had, and can describe in detail his awesome GI Joe Aircraft Carrier.

And to anyone worried that two of us bloggers being Oilers fans will lead to repetitive stuff, don't you fret! My posts will differ from the Moose's in that they will be based NOT on well researched fact but rather will be wildly speculative and completely baseless. Who doesn't love that!?

Alright, I'm exhausted by myself. Seeya Readers! My first actual post to come... "Petr Klima, best defector in NHL history?"

Go Iron Hawks!

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