Tuesday, August 7

Leafs Line Combos - Because I Care

At this point in the non hockey season, the custom dictates that fans take their teams' roster (so far), and put together what they believe will be the lines for the season. So, as I've already listened to the complete archived "Leafs Lunch" with Waters and Marek, this is what I've done.

L1: Blake Sundin Tucker

L2: Poni Wellwood Antropov

L3: Bell Steen Kilger

L4: Battaglia Stajan Devereaux

D1: Kaberle Colliacovo

D2: McCabe Kubina

D3: White Gill

The first line is pretty obvious. As the Leafs big free agent signing, there is no way Blake starts anywhere but besides Mats. Not to mention people are always whining about how the Leafs have never given Mats anyone to play with, (I guess A. Mogilny and G. Roberts don't count), so finally here's a guy that can get it from, and give it to him. Darcy creates space for the two of them, although Blake has his share of sandpaper, so Darc can focus a little more on scoring.

Poni and Antropov showed chemistry last year, so I've kept them together, flanking Wellwood. I think Kyle will have a real breakout season this year. Given his playmaking and skating, he FOR SURE will play with Blake a lot, and Blake will score because of it.

Bell, Steen and Kilger. Taking a note from the incredibly effective checking line the Ducks had, Bell and Kilger will go out and hit everything they can, with Bell prepared to kick the shit out of anyone who needs it. Steen is so responsible and keeps developing his defensive game, although I have to say, if we sign Peca, he goes here in a second.

Bates, Boyd and Matt. I enjoyed every shift that Bates and Boyd had last year. I trusted them when they were out there, although I'd like to see Bates use his outside speed and take it hard to the net instead of doing that pull-up move he always does along the boards, but still. Stajan I like a lot, but we have a lot of centers, (Peca not included) and now he's got to go crazy to keep his spot on the team.

Tucker will move down, Blake will play with Wellwood. Ponikarovsky will move up as will Bell, but this is what I think we'll start the season with and for a while afterwards.

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