Tuesday, August 7

My Top 5 Hockey Moments With Moose and Norte

Ahhh, Moose and Norte, I wouldn't call them "friends" so much as I'd call them "two individuals I co-write a hockey blog with". Two men who are interesting in their own right, just not to me.

Here are 5 hockey related moments I've shared with these, people:

5. Moose Ruins New Jersey

Now this doesn't mean that he ruined the state of New Jersey, although he could. He just f'd a new jersey I got. The same jersey as his, as well. We had our team jersey's made up, and while practicing, he hooked me from behind, and scratched a 5.5 Modano swath across the logo. Hey thanks pal! Great work!

4. Playing NHL '03 With Norte.

Visiting him, and playing an ancient version of the NHL series while his wife and baby slept behind us. Trying not to freak out and wake everyone up as we scored genius goals. Trust me, we scored genius goals.

3. Moose Misses Primary Assist on Championship Goal

Just for fun Moose and I joined a team a guy he works with has. They needed help and we gave it to them, getting them to the final. Overtime in the last game, I'm on the back door and Moose sends a cross crease pass to me, right on the tape...that is if I had tape on my ankles. I whiff in vain at the "pass" as it goes by me into the corner. I turn around, dig it out, and send a bullet right on the stick of my winger who taps it in for the championship winning goal. We didn't talk the whole way home.

2. Greener/Norte go to HHOF

We went to the HHOF in Toronto and had a fantastic time. One of the highlights in a day full of them was when we did the goalie simulation thing where you have to stop five pucks "shot" at you by Gretzky and Messier on the fly. We told the guy to set it to All-Star. I did well, saving 4/5. Norte ruled by scoring a perfect 5. I have pictures of it which are a little blurry because I was laughing so much.

1. Giving Moose a Concussion

Moose actually has skill in hockey, and occasionally makes a good play. After one of these moments, he came to the bench and I tapped him on the top of the helmet in praise. Suddenly Moose goes out and it looks like the Red Wings bench when they had to V-Fib Jiri Fischer. He played the rest of the game in a haze and seemed mad at me for hurting him on purpose. My feelings about it were, since I was getting credit for it, I wish I had.

So there's my top 5. Looking back, Norte is a rad guy and is hilarious fun to hang out with. Moose lives near me and plays Defense.

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