Tuesday, August 7

Regarding the Leaves

NORTE : Dispatch, this desk. Its Tuesday I think and its raining out. I have a terrible pain right where my neck meets my back. It kind of feels like I am being stabbed with a hot fork. I am in a pair of shorts and an old David Bowie t shirt and the air conditioning is on…so I am freezing cold. The big toe of my right foot especially. I need a pair of mittens and some hot shots. Perhaps I should drink something with little marshmallows in it. I really should write about The Toronto Maple Leafs version 8.0. You know…what line combos I think are going to happen. The PP, the PK. Who shot J.R? PJ Harvey, BJ and the Bear. You know…

I worked it all out on my Playstation this afternoon so I am ready to go. I will say that I think we'll see Blake play with Wellwood more than we may realize. I have a sneaking suspicion that this year will be his coming out party. (Wellwood's) At the end of the season last year...Mats looked a little tired to me. I won’t lie and say that doesn't concern me. I suspect less minutes from Mats. Quality minutes absolutely…but less. I think that it’s pretty important to sign Peca. Pay him much less and kick in incentives based on games played. Etc. The Lindros deal. But I think we need him to quarterback the power play. With him in the mix. What really excites me are the power play lines that can happen. You have the always awesome Kaberle. Who you know is going to have a great season. He has, in my opinion, the best first pass in the league. McCabe was average at best last year. And after that disappointment...he has something to prove. I don’t like playing any kind of what if game. But what if Antropov actually lived up to expectations. I have a terrible memory….I have imbibed in my life…I will admit. I have killed off lots of brain cells illicitly but, last year, didn’t Antropov impress me? Like he played tough and mean at times. And Poni? Poni always gets better. Let me leave at this: Stay Golden Poni boy. Stay Golden.

I think our third line is one of the best of recent memory (or maybe not cos I have a terrible memory…did I mention that already?) I am willing to bet that they’re going to be a terrific line to watch. Can’t wait to hear what nickname the glorious Joe Bowen gives them. And no matter what his bumper sticker inspired turn of phrase is, I will tell you this. Bell and Kilger will murder guys this year. Literally. I think they will both be charged with first degree murder this year. That’s fact, ladies and gentlemen (and when I say ladies and gentlemen…I really mean gentlemen because I have a feeling He Scores, He Shoots will become the Rush concert of Blogs. Because really…lets face it fellas…there’s nothing more our ladies love then to read about hockey. Am I right? Is this mike on?)

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