Sunday, June 22

Beware, The Ides of June

Never one to miss an opportunity to separate myself from the pack, and by that, I mean Moose, a little note to let you know I'm doing some guest editing over at the great Pension Plan Puppets for the next little while, along with Chemmy and later MF37.

PPP is as good as a Leafs blog gets, which is ironic now that I'm associated with it in a way other than referencing it 200 times every single podcast. PPP (the man) left me with few instructions other than implicitly stating "No Moose!", which is a policy I've been trying to implement around here for a while now. Seeing as how I'll be writing slightly less for a week or two, that means, in fact, I'm sorry to say there will be an actual increase in the amount of Moose you'll see. God, I hate poetic irony!

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messica said...

i love the picture. its so accurate.